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Rocksoft™ is the most advanced way to remotely manage teams and optimize staff performance in the field.
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Why Rocksoft?

Improve Team Visibility

View all of your customer and check-in information on Google Maps and live dashboards. Send instant activity notifications to users and teams in the field.

Increase Sales Efficiency

Create invoices, quotes and job cards on site. Get instant access to previous sales data on the road. All field sales data can be accessed via the Management Portal and Live Dashboards.

Optimize Communication

Our Mobile App, Management Portal, Live Dashboards and Automated Reporting modules ensure that everybody is connected in real-time, no matter where they are.

Mobile App Features

Activity Forms

Take full advantage of the power of your smart phone when completing activity forms. Our mobile app supports a wide range of device features, such as the camera, GPS, signatures, barcodes, pre-defined check-lists, text controls and more.

Sales Orders

Our mobile app gives you access to all of your products, price lists and historical sales data. Use the mobile app to create quotes and invoices in seconds. Send them in PDF format to the office, or directly to your customer at the touch of a button.

Call Planner

Our proprietary customer call planning module automatically suggests customer visit priority based on call frequency, day, specified appointment date and distance away from you. Use the navigation feature to be directed straight to the customer.


Access all of your assigned campaigns within the mobile app. See which customers and activity forms have been assigned to the campaign. Complete activities and track your progress according to the campaign's priority and due date.

Customer History

Get access to all of your historical customer data, directly from within the Rocksoft™ Mobile App. All customer information, previous activities and sales order data is accessible within the app.

Offline Access

Our mobile app has been specifically designed to ensure that all functionality continues to perform with or without a network connection. No airtime? Poor signal? No problem! The app will automatically sync when there is network connectivity again.

Available for Android and iOS

Management Portal Features

Get an unparalleled view into the whereabouts of your team with Rocksoft’s highly accurate GPS location tracking technology. Access field sales and activity data via the Management Portal, Google Maps views, Automated Reports and Live Dashboards – all in real-time.

Create powerful, real-time dashboards with our proprietary dashboard builder. As with all features in our system, the dashboards are fully customizable. Drag and drop widgets, set your targets and let the dials, lists and leader-boards show you your team’s performance.

Create and customize your own activity forms, checklists and surveys with a range of rich media controls, such as photos, signatures, notes, barcodes, and more! All of the data from your customized forms can be viewed in multiple formats – Excel, PDF, Google Maps, e-mail reports and Live Dashboards.

The Management Portal’s integrated CRM allows you to customize the system to your exact requirements – upload your company logo, modify customer fields and configure document parameters. All changes made via the Management Portal are instantly synchronized to the Mobile App.

Assign tasks, set targets and share files with individuals or teams directly via the Management Portal’s built-in campaign manager. Watch in real-time as your team makes progress against these campaigns and send live updates to keep things on track.

Rocksoft’s suite of scheduled reports cover a wide variety of system data, including sales, customer coverage, team activity, campaign completion, and more. Create Instant Activity reports to receive live activity updates as they happen in the field.

Our cutting-edge platform has been designed specifically with integration in mind. Connect with a multitude of external systems via technologies such as Web API, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and more. We also offer instant solutions for the more frequently requested integrations. Contact us to find out more.

Compatible with all major browsers

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rocksoft™ Mobile Application and Management Systems have been designed to cater to a wide variety of industries and company sizes. If your company relies on field agents for its success, then Rocksoft™ is your solution. Get In Touch with us and we’ll gladly answer any questions or setup a demo to take you through the solution.

No, the Rocksoft™ Mobile Application has been designed to operate on all Android and iOS smart phones and tablets. Additionally, the Management Portal can be accessed via any standard Web Browser. Get In Touch with us if you would like to set up a demo or get started with a Free Trial right away!
One of the key design aspects of the Rocksoft™ Mobile Application has been its ease of use. We have refined the app over the years to ensure that users of all technical levels are comfortable in using the app.
Our pricing structure has been specifically designed to accommodate for both small and large businesses. Our per-user pricing model allows you to scale up your business over time. Visit our Pricing section to determine the exact cost for your business.
Great! We’re here to help. Head over to the FAQ section for our full FAQ listing or Get In Touch with us and we’ll gladly answer any questions you may have.